Long Lost Innocence

by Fragments

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released October 23, 2013



all rights reserved


Fragments Long Beach, California

Melodic Hardcore from southern California

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Track Name: Brave Face
I've left behind everything for a different life in front of me
Something more than anyone can ask of me
Every night the wind pulls on the sails of my heart
Saying to sail dark seas until forbidding clouds depart
Old man, tell me what can lie in front of me?
Not afraid to fail but what I fail to see is this:
How long did you sit and wait?
Your years kept passing by
Life lived in vain
Track Name: Distant Sun
Let's take it back to those nights when I could look into your eyes

and feel the warmth of your soul rest upon my shoulders

You've been everything to me, you gave your life to give me something more

and asked for nothing in return

Some things in life we will never understand until they're gone

but i can honestly say you won't be one

Not a day goes by where I don't think of you and miss your smile

Thank you for everything

Another day goes by, another song gets sung

and I'd sing for you through the night if I knew you'd find some comfort

So crazy to think how everything could be so perfect

but so quickly it all could change

And it was then everything around me fell apart

A thousand miles away I heard you calling my name

and through a sea of tears, this was all i could say
"Just breathe"

Time after time I ask myself why did it have to happen this way?

When the night comes to take away today

I hope your pain will fade
Track Name: My Disease
Reality. Oh the bitter taste of the battered path
So cold on the lips of my soul, I never thought such pain could feel so real
And I've tried to see the other side of things, the other side where the sun shines bright
But the days grew colder, and so did my heart
For the past three years I've been fighting to keep my faith
But it's hard (so hard) when all I feel is pain
A plague of violence, a plague of arrogance
A plague of hatred and intolerance
I've kept these demons locked inside for so damn long
This is my disease.

Reality is what got me here in the first place
Mortality is the suspect in my eyes
Reality, like a kick to the head
Morality, I guess I'm doing my best
A word that has strong will but lacks a spine
I confess, now save me.
Track Name: Infected
People walk around and think all is okay
They open their mouths like they know what to say.
Sit back and watch as they play their little games,
You fakes, you fools brought your lives to shame.
Brought to shame.
They're trapped in a mindless shell
Consumed by their corrupted hell
I can't even think for myself.
Track Name: Faith(less)
Black skies above me, the words chilling to my bones
This poison air is death, it's eating at my soul
So deep in regret, too much guilt I don't want to feel. I don't want to wake up and carry my mistakes
And now it's so clear. I'm beginning to see that the end grows near. I bury myself with my lust and my greed
And he won't speak to me, I call to him with no answer. As this cancer spreads, my prayers at home with the deaf
I tell myself we're better off alone. I'll be the weight at my feet that's taking me home
If these words were real, if there was grace, then why am I here rotting in this place. If every night I scream at the sky, why do I wake up and pray to die?
If these words were real, if there was grace, then why am i still rotting in this place? Every second I beg that you save me from this hell. God if you're there, why can't you save me from myself? (You're all alone) save me. Save my soul. Save me. I'm all alone.